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About Grant


I am a creative videographer with a strong background in video editing, handling cameras, and digital design, seeking to provide a dynamic video and strong digital presence. Expertise in video editing software and workflow result in handling a variety of simultaneous projects while working under high-pressure deadlines.

Over the past 6 years and after many diverse projects, I have developed various skills in video production, including: video editing, videography and graphic art, just to name a few. In addition to my proficient video production skills, my passion for the art, I believe, makes me unique. 


My video editing skills can help keep your brand exceptional by providing impactful video content with fast turnover time. I’m also no stranger to remote video editing, having handled and sorted countless TB’s of footage sent through Email, Dropbox, etc. Organization and communication will not be a problem.


I’m proficient in Premiere Pro, as well as After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop. Being proficient with such software allows me to combine them to produce beautiful video content.





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